Monday, September 15, 2014

Korinthos and Mykonos

Next stop on our Greek vacation was Korinthos, as I was keen on seeing the channel, I was only disappointed by the fact the we stayed only for one night, as this was also one of our pit stops to Mykonos island.

The channel has such an amazing history, so many attempts to build it, first attempt in the 7th century BC, and was finally put in use in 1893. Definitely worth visiting!

On our way to Mykonos, on the ferry.

Mykonos, simply breathtaking and charming, I'll leave the images to speak for themselves.

Party on the beach at 8 pm, haven't seen this before, we usually get wild after midnight :)

Great view from Armenistis lighthouse, but it was so windy up there, it could literally blow you away!

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  1. Foarte faine pozele, ma intreb prima de unde s-a facut, de pe un alt pod? E incredibila privelistea, inaltimea, pamantul separat.... La fel cum iti ofera o stare de bine si liniste cu toate ca vantul suiera... de poveste! Imi plac instantaneele cu pisici, tu surprinsa de sus. xoxo


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